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My Story

I live in the art world, and there's no place I'd rather be.


My husband is a full-time artist, and we are immersed in the art scene year round. I spend my days engaging with artists, gallery owners, and the support teams that an artist needs to thrive.

And this is how you and I complement each other, and can work together so beautifully!

Your skill is making art. As much as I love art, my skills are in how to promote, display, and sell your art. I love the business end of the art world that most artists want to stay far away from.

I've worked with artists for the last 7 years, managing and advising about the business end of the art world.


I'm local to Minnesota, and was born and raised here. I've lived across the country, including San Diego, CA, where I attended and graduated law school.


My home is filled with paintings, photographs, wooden sculptures, ceramics, glass, and so much more. My motto is - "if I love it, I can always find a space for it".


Together, we can help your clients feel the same way.


Amira Freidson

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