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Real Time Observation & Assessment

2 hours - $150

How you present yourself, your space, and your art matters! These drastically affect traffic and sales, yet can be extremely difficult for artists to assess and implement - especially with their own art. 


One of the most effective ways that I can help you increase your traffic and sales is by observing you, visitors, and your space/display during an event. I then provide you with a real time assessment and recommendations that you can implement immediately, or over time. 

I don't simply observe you and provide you with an assessment at the end of the 2 hours. I provide you with in-the-moment feedback, that we can implement throughout our time together. You will also be able to take my recommendations and apply them to future events. 

What I do is highly intuitive and varies greatly with each artist and space. Generally speaking, you can expect that I will:

  • Watch the flow of traffic that passes by your space or display, and what catches people's attention and what draws them to your art

  • Observe people and their patterns while they are talking to you and looking at your art

  • Analyze what is driving attention to specific pieces in your display

  • Note areas that are not getting the attention you are hoping for

I will provide you with specific recommendations on how you can:

  • Increase traffic to your space

  • Create an atmosphere that complements your art and clientele

  • Display your art to direct flow and interest 

  • Engage with potential clients, both personally and with your art, in a way that leads to more sales

Even small changes make a huge impact! 


Observation during Art-a-Whirl 2019, Northrup King Building

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