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All-Purpose Consultation

1 hour - $75


The All-Purpose Consultation is the best way for me to get to know you as an artist and to familiarize myself with your art! This service is 100% tailored to you. It is a comprehensive review and evaluation of how you are presenting your art to the public, along with specific recommendations that address your goals and needs.


Topics covered are:


  • A review of your selling prices

  • How to effectively present your art to the public

  • Ways to establish or improve your online presence, including your website and social media

  • Distinguishing your art within the art world

  • Increasing exposure to your art, both online and in physical locations


Prior to our meeting, I will look over any materials you send to me. This can include your website, social media pages, photos of your art, resume and artist statement, an email about what you do and where you've shown, or anything else you think will help me to understand where you are right now.


If you don't have any of these things, that's ok! I also work with artists who are just getting started. We will chat about some steps you might like to take during our consultation.


Artisan Home Tour, Opening Reception with featured artist July 2018

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